Hot Tub Benefits: Relieving Joint Pain

One of the more common causes for joint pain is inflammation due to acute pressure and compression, and one of the best ways to reduce the pressure for periods of time is by water submersion, reducing gravity’s effect by up to 90%.  Furthermore, it’s not simply a reduction of the same downward pressure, but rather a complete 360-degree support distributing your remaining body weight evenly.

If you’ve ever suffered from foot or back pain and you’ve tried either a Dr. Scholl’s foot analysis machine in the shoe store or possibly laid on a demo bed at a SleepNumber store, you’ll see a series of pressure points, which their products are engineered to relieve.  Think of the hot tub as a one-size-fits-all that does a significantly better job of relieving pressure, and can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home or backyard.

If you’re suffering from joint pain, it’s advisable you run your tub at no more than 100 degrees, which will help reduce the inflammation from additional heat.  Also, don’t be afraid to use the jets to massage tense muscles that may be constricting movement or preventing joints from opening up.  We recommend soaking at least 20 minutes, providing your joints a much-needed break from the regular pressures found from extended periods of standing or sitting.

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