Hot Tub Recovery For Sore Muscles

From CrossFit to Beach Body to P90X, intense fitness training is sweeping the nation, and the San Jose area is no exception. Home gyms are everywhere and fitness competitions including televised events like American Ninja Warrior are inspiring more and more aspiring athletes. But after a difficult workout, how do you ensure rapid recovery from achy muscles to hit the gym hard again soon?

Recover From Sore Muscles In A Hot Tub

We all know the relaxing aspects of a soak in a hot tub, but you may not be too familiar with the therapeutic value spas bring with regard to athletic performance.  While there is much debate over the hot-versus-cold for post-workout recovery, a safe bet is to run your hot tub at a more modest temperature and rely on the strength and positioning of the variety of jets and massagers incorporated into your home hot tub.

Studies have confirmed that hot tubs help reduce the build up of lactic acid, which reduces soreness and helps athletes return to training faster.  Even short-burst dips in the hot tub and jets have shown to not only improve recovery time but also improve performance and stamina.

Beyond Recovery, Pre-Workout Muscle Therapy

The soothing jets of a backyard hot tub are sure to calm cranky muscle pain, however it’s no one-trick pony.  The water therapy provided by spa jets and gentle heat in conjunction with proper stretching is also beneficial in preparing muscles for a workout.  Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between pre-soak water therapy and a reduction in muscle breakdown and fatigue.

San Jose athletes tired of enduring days of stiffness and soreness associated with a hard workout should consider the healing and therapeutic benefits a quality home hot tub can provide.  If you’re interested in exploring which hot tub or home spa might be right for you, stop by our Bay Area showroom today and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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