Olympian F-1896DZ

FeaturesSwim Jet System V, 2 River Jets, 3 Power Stream Jets, 5.5kW Titanium Heater, Hydro Streamers Plus, Cal Spas Wifi

Dimensions93″ x 210″ x 51″

This is a Dual Zone Fitness Swim Spa. In the swim zone get fit using the Jet System V including (2) Cross Current Swim Tornado Jets to keep you in place due to the strong current. Take a break after the swim session by resting on the (56) Rain Jet Vertical Hydrossage. The spa zone includes (33) Stainless Steel Candy Jets. Control dual temperature at 70 degrees for the swim spa and 102 degrees for the hot tub. Step into the swim spa for an intense expert level of fitness swimming, your limit is your endurance, set the Jet System V to the resistance you need. Our Cross-Current Stabilization System will keep swimmers in place against the current. Enjoy getting fit while spending time with loved ones.


Primary Specs
Seating Capacity 3
1 Swimmer
(swim spa)
(hot tub)
Shell Color Sterling Silver
Dimensions (W x L x H) 93" x 210" x 51"
Dry Weight - Lbs. (Kilograms) 2,950 (1,338 kg)
Filled Weight - Lbs. (Kilograms) 21,984 (9,971 kg)
Water Capacity - Gal. (Liters) 2,285 (8,649 L)
Eliminator High Performance™ Pump
1 x 6.0 BHP
(1 x 3.0HP)
1 x 6.0 BHP
(1 x 3.0HP)
Swim Jet Pump Including 2" Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains
3 x 6.0 BHP
(3 x 3.0HP)
Operating Voltage
240V 240V
Stainless Steel Jets: Exclusive Candy Cane Jets
Stainless Steel Vertical Hydrossage (Rain Jets)
CROSSCURRENT Swim Tornado Jets
Swim Spa Jet System: I, II and IV
5 (2 River Jets, 3 Power Steam Jets ) Swim Jet System-V-
Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
(2) 9" & (1) 27"-
Water Features
8 Hydrostreamers Plus Cascade Waterfall
Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker
Yes -
Fitness Anchors
- -
Tether Anchor
Yes -
- Y-Pillow (3)
Gate Valve(s)
Yes Yes
Twin Pure Silk™ System Dual Ozonators with Mazzie Injectors and Mixing Chambers
Yes Yes
Bio-Clean Filter™ with TeleWeir
100 SqFt
(2x50 SqFt)
50 SqFt
LED Spa Lighting
(1 x 5") 8x Hydro Streamers Plus 16 x Underwater 1 x 5" LED Cascade Waterfall
Whisper Power Unit™ NEO Equipment with Full Color Oval Topside Control
Cal-Spa Touch2 and Cal-Spa Touch-i
BP501G1 Cal-Spa Touch-i
Thermo-Shield™ Insulation Side Panels and Thermo-Layer Floor with ABS Liner
WhisperHot™ Heating System
5.5kW Titanium5.5kW Titanium
Floor Drain Yes
Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame Yes
Cabinet Panel with Cal Spas Premium Badge: Smoke & Mist Cal Preferred™ Horizontal
Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve Yes
Spa Cover: Gray or Slate 5" - 3"
Warranty (Structural) 10 Years
Warranty (Finish) 7 Years
Warranty (Parts) 5 Years
Warranty (Labor) 5 Years
Warranty (Cabinet) 5 Years


OPT19-900-XL – Thermo-Guard™ Full Foam Insulation
( This Option will Replace Thermo Layer )

OPT19-109 – Exclusive Adjustable Therapy System™ Plus ( ATS Plus )

OPT19-965 – LED C-Lite™ 2x Front Cabinet Corner LED Lighting (Front Only)

Opt19-JPV850 – LED Swim Jets, LED Spa Jets, and Valves LED (Lighting II)

OPT19-200 – Auxiliary 5.5kW Heater

OPT19-193H – Hybrid Sanitizing System: Pure Cure™ UV + Pure Silk™ Ozone
( This option will replace the Twin Pure Silk System )

(2) 6″ White Speakers Swim, (2) 3″ Black Speakers Spa
 – Freedom™ Sound System Bluetooth, Powered Subwoofer and (4) Speakers”