Yoga Therapy in the Hot Tub

Life can be hectic, and finding techniques to reduce the effects of stress and pain outside the medical profession are becoming popular alternatives to big pharma drugs. Yoga has an array of techniques that can help, and combining them with warm water can be life changing. Aqua yoga can help beyond reducing stress and aches … Read More

Hot Tub Benefits: Relieving Joint Pain

One of the more common causes for joint pain is inflammation due to acute pressure and compression, and one of the best ways to reduce the pressure for periods of time is by water submersion, reducing gravity’s effect by up to 90%.  Furthermore, it’s not simply a reduction of the same downward pressure, but rather … Read More

Stress Relieving Therapy Of A Home Hot Tub

“Stress is bad for you.” That blanket statement you’ve probably heard more times than you can count, however it’s not necessarily a fair statement.  Mental, emotional, and physical stress is part of daily life, dating back to pre-civilization, and it can be a catalyst for growth, change, and even survival.  But where does the concept … Read More

Will 20 Minutes In My Spa Really Matter?

We truly believe it will. At Caldera Spas, we believe it because we live it, and 20-minute renewal is part of our daily lives. From personal experience, we believe that 20-minutes a day can help you release tension, relax muscles and let go of all the clutter in your head. Science seems to concur. Recently, … Read More

Invest In Your Wellness Success –20-Minutes at a Time

When life gets busy—and it always does—it’s easy to let our wellness routines become anything but routine. And while taking some time for ourselves can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to become an afterthought.  Activities like exercise, meditation and personal reflection may very well be the missing ingredient to jump-starting productivity and regaining a … Read More

Hot Tub Benefits for Your Fitness Routine

If you’re physically active like I am, I’m sure you’ve dealt with workout plateaus or slow recovery time due to sore, fatigued muscles. If you’re facing these issues, it’s time to ramp up your total fitness strategy. And you can start right in your Caldera hot tub. Physical benefits of hot tub use. Water is … Read More

The Power of Water: Top 5 Benefits of Water Immersion

For centuries people have sought the wellness benefits of immersing themselves in water. From the Roman baths to today’s Caldera hot tub our attraction to water continues to help us think and feel our best. Whether it’s to soothe aches and pains, or to calm a restless mind, the transformative effect of water is quite … Read More

Soak Yourself to Sleep: A Natural Sleep Aid

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep. Other times, I’ll wake up and can’t get back to sleep. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it seems to stick around for a while. Both situations are frustrating, especially when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Evidently, I’m not alone. According to … Read More

Can My Hot Tub Improve My Sleep?

Sleep is normally preceded by a drop in body temperature. If that’s true, how could a hot tub help? First, soaking in a hot tub helps you relax mentally while the water’s buoyancy helps decompress your joints. Your circulation increases while your blood pressure and heart rate decreases, helping you reach a resting state. In … Read More

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